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I empower
exhausted, high-performing professionals to 

simplify and optimize their lives.

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You're in the right place, if you...

  • Have feelings of perpetual stress and burnout.

  • Find yourself drained by endless days.

  • Struggle to squeeze in lunch, or sometimes even breath enough.

  • Feel guilty about not spending enough time with kids or nurturing meaningful relationships.

  • Are always playing catch-up at work/home, with the to-do list growing faster than you can tackle it.

According to a 2022 Mercer survey 81% (that’s more than 4 out of 5!) of workers in the US were burned out!

Today’s hustle culture is causing us more physical and mental exhaustion, life imbalance, chronic stress, and physical and mental health conditions than ever.

Through my own burnout wake-up call and through thousands of experiences of others, I have found the most effective antidote to burnout – and there is scientific research to back it up.

And it starts with getting to the mindset that brings you closer to living the life you want to live. It is energizing; it shines through our ability to be curious, creative, and empathetic; it makes us mentally resilient, healthier, and happier, leading to a fulfilling life driven by purpose!


def: Your mental blueprint, comprising attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions. It guides how you see the world, tackle challenges, and decide. It's your behavior's silent architect.

Want to create the life you always dreamed of?

What's included:

  • Learn about the symptoms of burnout

  • Discover the simple solutions to becoming burnout-resistant

  • Get more positive emotions into your life

About Me
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Hi, I'm Jayashree Chenglath!

Your trusted wellness guide! My passion lies in assisting individuals on their path to wellness.

Raised with the belief that success came solely through hard work, I suppressed my true self. This mentality persisted as I climbed the corporate ladder.

But when my father fell terminally ill, I hit a breaking point. Burnout consumed me.

I took small but powerful steps to recover, and now I pursue my passion: helping others in similar situations.

I now have a signature program to help reclaim purpose and joy, transforming lives one step at a time.

It completely transformed my life, and I would love to share it with you as well!

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My daily mantra? Simplify every aspect of life so that there is more being and less absent-minded doing!


How We Can Work Together

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1:1 Coaching

Elevate self-discovery, and a personal plan with accountability to succeed toward your health and wellness goals. During our initial free consultation, we will collaboratively work on a package that is right for you.


group coaching

Take more ownership over your health, and also learn from others in a group setting that is safe, fun, and collaborative. Can be combined with add-on targeted 1:1 coaching session. 

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training/ speaking engagements

Focused and engaging sessions on topics that will help your team build on their health and wellness goals. This includes a-ha moments, takeaways, tools, and action steps to help build and sustain progress. 

Client Love
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Client Love!

"Working with Jayashree is a TRUE gift. Jayashree not only has a beautiful way of connecting with her clients, but is also insightful, intuitive, and gifted in her approach. She helped me through one of the MOST challenging times in my life. She has helped me find the beauty in struggle while still keeping me aligned with my bigger vision of optimal health and wellness.
Most importantly, Jayashree is EFFECTIVE in helping her clients move through any situation with grace, grit, and self honor. When considering hiring Jayashree as your coach, give yourself this gift! 10/10 recommend!"

Kari C.

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